Environment education in schools

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The Bee’ah School of Environment (BSoE)The Bee’ah School of Environment (BSoE), an environmental education initiative created by integrated environmental and waste management company Bee’ah, has announced its expansion to the eastern and central regions of Sharjah.

The school will increase the reach of its environmental learning experience by 35 per cent to 160,000 students in over 200 schools.

During the Kids Edutainment Show held recently, the school announced to launch an enhanced online school portal. With new features, applications and an interactive forum for students and teachers, the portal will help accelerate the development and delivery of quality environmental education throughout the emirate. “We are proud to see the outstanding success of Bee’ah’s environmental educational initiative in spreading awareness for a sustainable future of Sharjah and the UAE,” said Khaled Al Huraimel, chief executive officer at Bee’ah.

Supported by the Sharjah Education Zone (SEZ) and sponsored by various corporate partners, the initiative’s achievement on environmental education has successfully reached over 120,000 students within 118 schools across the emirate in two years’ time. In the third year, it aims to reach more students by creating new lesson plans and activities about the importance of recycling and conserving water, energy and natural resources.

The BSoE will reinforce the online educational programmes while the online digital interface will be enhanced to act as a ‘self-start’ ignition for students to allow for the involvement and engagement in a variety of environmental activities and sustainable practices. The new and improved website will include a students’ section where they can integrate their environmental lessons with social media and use various interactive elements to express their views and their learning. It is a collaborative setting that involves both teachers and students to further engage them by exploring and increasing their knowledge of the environment.

Bee’ah envisions an expansion of this initiative and plans to take its educational learning tools beyond Sharjah, throughout the UAE, with the support of both the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Environment and Water. Through adopting its programmes within the schools’ academic.

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